Prompts from “Something from Nothing”

Prompt # 1 Metals: I used brad flowers to accent my page and metal clips to attach titles. I saw the early spring flowers and thought it was a great example of a Celebration of Life.

Prompt # 2 Scrap Patterned Paper: My family and friends are the most important things to me and a new life is always a time of Celebration.

Prompt # 3 Ribbon: I have a granddaughter who is getting married next year and I'm trying to make scrapbook pages to be ready for that great Celebration of Life and Love.

Ribbon Roses: I first made 5 line stars with matching floss and then used ribbon, came up through the middle and then went over and under, over and under, until the floss was totally covered. My granddaughter wants black and white with red for her wedding. Thought this would be a nice page.

Prompt # 4 is to use plain cardstock.  I chose a picture which makes me smile and feel good just looking at it.  I then took my colors from the photo and used a couple of my heart punches.

For some reason I’m still unable to upload this photo.

Prompt # 5  I used ribbon, patterned paper, cardstock, and metal.

Prompt # 6  I used a page protector in a different way.  I chose a picture from a greenhouse which shows colors I like together in the garden.  The page protector would hold seed packets (I used pictures from Internet).  Then I added a little “plant” ribbon and my title.

I used embossing paste and a stencil to add a wedding touch to this page.

You can add tube paint to the embossing paste to color it to your liking.


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